Iwona Buziak-Mohamed is a Visual Artist, working mainly in the field of Applied Art. Iwona has received traditional training in Visual Art in Poland and in Canada. Shortly after finishing her studies she left Poland and now lives in North America, first in Chicago, USA and then in Canada. She has established herself in Ottawa, Ontario, the Federal Capital of Canada, and works mainly as a freelance artist.


  • Founder of HAPY.ca¬†
  • Author of the upcoming book – ” Happy New Canadian” – How to integrate, adapt and remain Independent.
  • Silk painter and designer at Yolanda Lorente LTD
  • Graphic designer at Werthwhile Industries
  • Commercial spaces mural painting
  • Interior decorator
  • Sculptor, focusing on the creation of replicas of ancient Egyptian artefacts
  • Teaching puppetry to children and youth

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