Finding your voice through ART

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You don’t have to become an artist to find your voice through ART.

Welcome to my website

People want to be heard. There are many reasons why we feel voiceless. Have you ever felt like nobody understands you even though you speak loud?

I know I have.

Hi, my name is Iwona.

I am a visual artist specializing in applied art.  I am also an author of the upcoming book “Happy New Canadian” addressing integration into a new culture.

I create art for everyday use. I am flexible with changing media and tools I work with, depending on the challenge. I believe visual art has not been fully developed as a form of communication and there are lots of new opportunities to get a message across.

Other areas of interest include Canadian Heritage, Diversity, Ethnic Theater, Home Improvement.

As a New Canadian, I want to contribute to Canada’s Diverse Culture.  

My vision is to help create a more meaningful life for people new to Canada.

My mission is to build visual communication tools that break down language barriers.

What I will be sharing with you:


Applied Arts

Finding your voice through art doesn’t mean you have to be an Artist.


Diverse Culture

Using visual tools helps to live in a multicultural country.


Home improvement

Learning a few home improvement skills can help you save money and make you proud.


My art

Some of my past and current projects.

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